Karoo Trading Company will trade in various commodities to raise funds to create job opportunities, develop skills and encourage community involvement in local issues, in the Karoo region.

We have negotiated favourable terms with various suppliers, ranging from mirror and frame suppliers, locally manufactured garment printers and antique furniture-and-collectable sources. We have established good relations with local government structures in our region and have submitted our initial projects to them. With their reactions being very positive, we have contacted several local businesses that are willing to provide their expertise and resources to cooperate in creating jobs as we launch our first project in the second half of 2021.

Karoo Trading Company is a Level 2 B-BBEE company, established in 2021, headed up by Martin J. Hewu. Martin has vast experience in sports development and has been involved in community development with various major international brands.

The company will operate from Victoria West, the centrally located picturesque Karoo town, falling under the Ubuntu Municipality.

Immediate projects will include a cleaning-up of the western Church Street area, as well as the western entrance to the village. Road safety and speed enforcement signs in this historic part of town, will be part of the initial project. This will create some jobs in a community with a very high unemployment rate.

Karoo Trading Company will endeavour to facilitate sports development in Victoria West and other Karoo towns. Well established sports facilities are deteriorating and not fully utilised. We foresee some funding from sports brands and foreign interested parties to revive these facilities, especially for the youth, as a lack of stimulating and healthy activities in town lead to great frustration among the youth.